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on cnn's i report and also one of the most vilified. it's called why i raise my children without god. it's reasons why she doesn't teach her sons religious views. she said humans should treat each other decently without the fear of hell fire. cnn actuallily had to take the essay under review. and some people kept flagging it, and flagging it until cnn had literally tell them to stop. deborah mitchell joins us from texas. thank you for joining us on the show. >> thankthank you for having me. >> john: i've red your blogs before. did you think this one would be so controversial? >> no, i didn't. i was surprised there were so many commenters, and page views. >> john: did anything surprise you in the reaction. reaction to people who reacted negatively? >> i was a little disappointed in how mean people were, not just to me, but to each other. i expected them to attack me, but i didn't expect the sustain sustained anger and attacks on each other. that surprised me, that and the flagging of the article. >> john: if that upset i hope you never read the comment section on daily beast. in favorness
cuesinich taking her place. the big shake up and cnn. and there is a new, new republic. so the man of the hour is "politico"'s media critic media reporter dylan byars, good morning. >> hello, bill. >> bill: thanks for coming in this morning. >> my pleasure. >> bill: can we believe mike allen? >> he said today in play book that it was my birthday and he was right. so i trust him. >> bill: that's what i wanted to ask you. we have a surprise for you this morning. will you open the closet door this morning. our closet gift. ♪ this is your birthday song it doesn't last too long ♪ >> bill: john boehner. [ applause ] >> my colleagues the second verse is exactly like the first verse. >> don't sing it. ♪ this your birthday song it doesn't last too long hey ♪ >> bill: how about that. >> that's the best birthday gift. >> bill: when you get john boehner to sing happy birthday to you. >> that's right. >> bill: sarah palin what happened? did she jump or was she pushed. >> i think based off of people i have talked to i think she was pushed. i think she was offered a lot l
support him. still the issue reportedly does have the white house concern, and according to cnn the white house has reached out to jewish groups for their support. and then on gay rights. hagel called james hormel aggressively gay. he has renounced those words, but now a future senator who is obviously a leading advocate he told the "boston globe," quote . . . >> jennifer: so joining me now to discuss all of the president's cabinet appoints is michael o'hanlon of the brookings institute. welcome back inside "the war room." really appreciate it. >> thank you governor nice to be with you. >> jennifer: great to be with you too. brookings institution is a very respected organization. do you think hague sell a good pick? >> yeah, i tend to think he is. although i will say right up front is i think tough questioning of the type that mitch mcconnell talked about is entirely appropriate for a confirmation process, and i would be interested to see how senator hagel's views have changed or modified over the years. on iran i share some senator hagel's concerns abou
-- guess who i said hi to at the pool. jeff zucker, the new head of cnn. how you doing, jeff. everyone was responsible for one of my canceled shows. >> which one did he cancel? >> on cnbc. >> good luck at cnn. he said we'll have to leave it there. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: it was worth it just for the conversation to listen to the conversations at the pool and stuff. we literally -- we walked across lounges and one person was on the phone saying what time is the private jet going to be here? there is a am would on the phone going are we giving them access to the private jet or not? and roland and i are like we came in economy plus. you should see the legroom! hey, everybody! we really did. we were excited we got economy plus with extra legroom. literally -- very 1 percy. >> all of the peanuts you could eat. >> macadamia nuts, sure. >> stephanie: they don't give you those anymore. they're expensive. we were saying -- we were looking at breakfast because the one lady, the one private jet lady was a beautifu
over at cnn. several contributors no longer with the network including james carville and mary madeline who say the decision was the network's, not theirs red steak blogger, eric erickson has a new job at fox news. no surprise there. the morning program is getting revamped, cnn's new president, geoff zucker hired chris queue mo to be part of it. soledad's role is unclear as they move forward. >> geoff zucker has to shake it up. a clear sign i think. a hewn talent. no where to go but up. more power to them. >> there are no little fixes. >> no. if he had come in and said we have a great product. we are going to stick with it the way it is. i wonder if after what we saw with ann curry on nbc if we will see him bring her to cnn as well. >> interesting. as the baltimore ravens and 49ers get set to faceoff in the super bowl, the senators from maryland have offered a wager. a meal of crab cakes, maryland beer. >> no. >> they are waiting to hear from barbara boxer and dianne feinstein from california as to what they will offer. the hill reports that
about hollywood and the conspiracy to pretend we're zombies, mow us down and then do that on cnn, do you get why people think you're a little touched? >> yeah. i'm going to tell you again. the army and marine corp do drills where hundreds of role players dressed up in dallas cowboy jersey and john deere hats come towards them to shoot them. these are declassified. they said, look, we'll call it zombies and say it's a joke. they're practicing in real drills not a joke, to mow down citizens, and you always dehumanize someone, the jews, others, before you kill them. you say that they're not human. they're saying we're practiceing to mow down people in u.s. cities. all those things you editing it out 15 minutes on air. i said all that on purpose. i said all that to get people out of their transso they would hear the brutal truth. let me expand on this. when "jaws" came out in the 1970s, on average i looked it up. there were five great white shark killings from australia to the west coast to the united states worldwide, south africa, on average it's five. that movie made people not go swimmin
-election. not a good idea. >> jennifer: michelle, ben bernaanke told cnn that he's in favor of totally scrapping the debt ceiling. do you think he's on to something? should we get rid of it? >> i agree with him. there is no reason to have it, and then every so often we have to have arguments whether to raise it and whether or not the u.s. government is going to default on its obligations to people all over the world. i think bernanke is a very smart person and i think he knows what he's talking about and hopefully his sentiment will pick up steam on the hill. >> jennifer: we'll see about that. this is a subject that is not going away. let me switch quickly to politics. the rnc chairman reince priebus will pursue rewarding the states electoral votes by congressional districtses. >> representation by congressional district. >> jennifer: and if that were the case then the president would have lost michigan, pen pen, ohio, florida his victory would have been down to two votes. >> the republicans always want to change the rules they only want to change those rules in areas where it benefits them. rei
saying their prosecution wasn't too harsh. cnn has more details into the story. >> with prosecutors pressing serious charges schwartz hanged himself friday. his lawyer said he doesn't know what put him over the edge, but the notion of prison time had him deeply worried. >> i know this case was weighing heavily on his mind and was a significant source of stress. >> he was indicted on charges of stealing academic articles from m.i.t. he could have gone to prison for 35 years along with a million dollar fine. >> the family put out a statement: >> cenk: that's strong language, but it gets even stronger at his funeral. his father said: very tough language indeed, but if my son had died in that same fashion my guess is that my anger would be equivalent to that, so we certainly feel their pain. let me bring in david segal executive director of demand progress, where they worked with aaron. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. glad to see you even if the circumstances are pretty terrible he. >> cenk: no question about that. well first tell us about what role aaron played in deman
on cnn. >> the law requires the release of this information and it's more important to follow our laws that it gives access to information to what our government is doing than to say that we're not going to allow the american people know what the government is doing because it will upset the terrorists. we should follow the law and blame the terrorist it is they do anything inappropriate. but we should not throw out the laws because the terrorists don't like the result as soon. >> cenk: i can't believe i'm going to say i agree. three panel judges were asked they said they have not decided but it doesn't look good on initial looking into the case. quote they're telling us it is a risk that americans will die if we release these documents. when the government tells us that this is likely to lead to death, shouldn't we defer to that even more when they say that it will result in the release of secret information? no you're a judge. your job is not to defer to the executive branch, if they say so, it must be true. this is how they're keeping so many people secret from people they're suppos
if necessary. >> cenk: they mentioned in that cnn documentary they mention there may be 12 or 20--do you know how many doctors perform abortions in mississippi two. that is it. one of them is dr. willie parker. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, cenk, for having me. >> cenk: now, you actually live in illinois, and go all the way down to mississippi to do this. why do you do that? >> well, cenk, i recently relocated here in d.c. to illinois, but i began to travel to mississippi primarily because i believe it's the woman's fundamental right to have access to abortion care. in my opinion abortion healthcare. being from the south i grew up in birmingham, alabama. it became clear to me that there was one clinic in the state of mississippi, and given that it's a woman's right between her and her healthcare provider, there was one clinic and at that time one doctor providing services led me to being committed to traveling to mississippi to serve the women from my region of the country because without access to providers who provide the care, roe v. wade means nothing if there is
of what they're doing inside. there's a new book. cnn recently featured it here. >> lawrence wright if his new book "going clear." he put scientology under a microscope. he focuses on scientology's obsession with celebrities. it delves into the tight relationship between tom cruise. researching and writing the book, he found travolta had a troubled relationship with the church threatened to be outed as a gay. wright follows the leader, at times using physical violence to get his way and punish subordinates. >> cenk: but there are a ton of celebrities who are scientologists. the list goes on. every time i see that list, i get a little disappointed. some of those guys are awesome actors that i really love. i'm not a believer in any of the religions, so, but this one is troubled in some ways, in rewards to the controversies. nowen oh the other hand, they do have 8 million members estimated worldwide. through their large networks of corporations, they've got about $500 million in annual revenue. i want to bring in somebody who knows a thing or two about this religion the great grandson of the
. >> cenk: netanyahu's party is down to 31 seats because partly the new party that cnn was mentioning has picked up 19 seats. they were just in existence starting last year. that is amazing. well who is their leader? yair lapid. >> we are the period of israeli middle class the old fashioned tax payers who served in the army and afterwards worked hard all their life, paying high tax and see that they cannot afford an apartment for their children, the cost of living is going up, there is nothey're becoming more frustrated with the way things are going on here. >> cenk: person here to talk about that is david seagull representing the southwestern united states. thank you for joining us, david. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: let's talk about the results of the election and the ramifications it will have. was it more in your opinion about domestic politics or more about foreign politics? >> it was. it was more about domestic politics in israel, the cost of living, cost of housing political reform. yair lapid representative of the middle class is the rising player in the
came after a private meeting with democratic members of the congressional hispanic caucus. cnn reports that those members urged the president not to unveil his own legislation for fear of compromising this -- these delicate bipartisan talks. jay carney the spokesman of the house with seems to confirm that that happened. >> i'm not going to negotiate legislative tactics from here but we will be working with congress, with both houses both parties to help bring about a result that is a detailed specific bill that can win bipartisan support in congress and that this president can sign. >> jennifer: so it's going to start in the senate with the bipartisan gang of 8 and it is still going to have to go to the house, but it still might have a chance if boehner can get his caucus on board. and john boehner released a statement saying . . . but learning about the issue is not on the agenda for the truly rabid right. of course roll out rush limbaugh, here he is speaking for that wing of the republican party. >> i don't know that there's any stopping this. i -- i me
to cnn. i am not kidding you. because the fact is at cnn, he would be a youthful player. at fox cnn to their credit they would pair him with somebody who would disagree with him. at fox, he is just blah, blah, blah. i think they wanted to make sure he didn't go somewhere else? >> roger ailes. >> the president took his wife out to dinner for her 49th birthday last night. he and michelle obama joined by a group of friends at cathfe milano. it's a tradition for the couple to go out. last year they dined at blt stakes. this is a little bit of a further drive. >> i could have recommended 10 restaurants they go to. cafe milano would not have been on the list. >> they have pretty good taste. they pick good spots. >> delicious spots of the. the first was blue duck tavern. >> that's one of my favorites. >> washingtonian magazine has presidential sites and says this is a relatively young couple in washington d.c. they go out. >> they do. a bugger place right down the street called "good stuff" which is great where they have been and a little bit breakfast plac
is fairly prominent conservative commentator at cnn, i believe one of the founders writes over at red state he wrote a piece last week saying you know, basically, let's drop this phony outrage thing. he did mention fox but it was obvious -- he was talking about outrage pimps on the left and the right. the entire column are about what he claims are these conservative town cryers on the right. he makes very good points. it does nothing to build the movement. it doesn't get anyone elected. it turns people off. it's awful to listen to. and -- >> john: do you really think it doesn't get anyone elected? couldn't you say the reason why the republicans did as well as they did in 2010 was that outrage machine got people organized and noblized? >> i think it's different now. i think that was erickson's point was in 2010, we did something. we got out o there. we knocked on doors. we held rallies. we created this movement, yes it imploded. but we created this thing where if now, all of the grassroots, all of the action is gone and all that's left is this just sort of phony outrage. i can't believe fill
that cnn host piers morgan be deported because of his outspoken views on gun control. 100,000 people signed the we the people petition going after the cnn personality for attacking the second amendment. jay carney spoke out for the white house in a statement yesterday say when talking about the second amendment, do not forget about the first. that would be piers morgan's freedom of speech. they will not deport him because under the constitution, he has every right to express his opinion. >> peter: i have officially turned the corner on the white house petitions. there's no white house -- there's now a white house petition for everything. it has officially jumped the shark. when you can put up a petition on literally anything and -- >> a big change is coming to monopoly. hasbro announcing it is retiring one of the current eight playing pieces and they want introduce a new one with the popular board game. it is letting the public make the decision. people can vote on the facebook page as to which piece will not pass go anymore. could it the car the boot, thimble, dog battleship or the hat or
something. >> stephanie: a chair in his office. it is now located in his office cnn also notes that prebus gets the joke. >> hum. >> stephanie: who was in charge of this mess? >> that he was responsible for. >> stephanie: exactly. who is running this disastrous titanic thing. >> icebergs? i hate icebergs. do i have to stier around it? okay. >> stephanie: john fugelsang next hour, and tina dupuy who we also saw in washington for -- who is very smart and funny. we'll have her on in hour number 3. and what else? i was saying rude pundit on monday that's where i got the quote man, clinton must have spent the rest of the afternoon wiping bits of ass off of her shoes. hillary clinton's what the [ censor bleep ] rand paul face. >> had i been president at the time -- [ hillary clinton laughter ] >> is the u.s. involved in transferring weapons to turkey. >> hillary clinton: turkey? >> i believe the entire quote was jive-ass turkey. >> that was a little skit that you had to put together. >> stephanie: i thought it would be funny. here is a little skit. and then hilary is back from t
there is a story on cnn.com how the violently mentally ill can buy guns. we're told wayne lapierrre today is going to say there's no point in background checks. because you know, we're told -- bad guys will get guns anyway. how do we fix the system? virginia tech shooter and others were able to legally bypass laws. >> everyone agrees the database on the mentally ill is not -- we've got to make sure that at that database is working. make sure the current law is truly enforced. you could say that. that can do nothing. they're very extreme. but the point i want to make here is after 9-11, we put security in at our airports. it is 9-11. it is not perfect at all. and lord knows yes, but it is a layer of defense. you know. when you go to -- they check you. you get in there they check your bag. they check your ticket. you know. you know what it is. but the fact is knock on wood 100 times, it is working so far. it is not perfect. you could never have anything safer or better. all of life is a balancing act. you don't want to go overboard but you want to do the things that make sense. >> stephanie: right.
seeking treatment. >> stephanie: i hear you. and don i encourage you -- we posted the peace from cnn how the violently mental ill can buy guns. all i'm saying there is a lot of pieces of this problem need to be fixed, but you can't read this and say this seems fine people who have been violently mentally ill in the past -- how easy it is for them to get assault weapons. >> oh, yeah i agree with background checks 100%. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: this is -- i mentioned this case yesterday. i was a little fuzzy on the details, but -- >> because you were -- >> stephanie: drunk. >> drunk. >> stephanie: right. last november oklahoma city polices went to check on an elderly woman after relatives reported they hadn't heard from her in a while. she lived with her adult son gerald. this has erie parallels to adam. what police discovered was a horrendous case. one of -- and again that's what i mean -- there's a fine line between oh you told your psychologist you were depressed once to this guy. >> right. >> stephanie: and like i say this is not -- like
'm sure you looked at the latest time cnn poll, most of the americans want what the president put on the table. >> exactly. we're not going to take guns away from those who are hunters -- i have many friends in the nra who believe their leadership is out of touch totally -- >> stephanie: who thinks it is okay to bring the president's kids into debate and what a ridiculous argument. >> i can't say on the air what i really think of that. >> stephanie: all right. out of respect for my fcc license, thank you. >> and i respect that. >> stephanie: me too. what do you think can get done on all of this? >> i believe that you are not going to get a package. i don't think that's the easy way -- the more difficult way to do it is to try to get a package. i probably think that we're going to have a package of ideas, but when it comes to the floor, they will be divided up into -- whether we're talking about magazines, how many bullets you can load into one of these rapid-fire weapons, and, you know registering your gun when you guy it. >> yeah. >> i think that's a sensibl
. ryan seacrest carson daly and anderson cooper and kathy lee griffin. cnn received a negligible number of watchers. >> bill: it's sad to say that you had nothing better to do on new year's eve than sit home and watch television. >> i don't go out on new year's eve because it is amateur hour. if i do anything, i go to a party at a friend's house or have people over. i didn't do anything. i flipped through some channels. new year's eve party coverage the worst. every one of them was terrible. >> yeah it's not great television, but you know what -- >> bill: my recommendation is go to bed. >> i actually watched fiscal cliff coverage. it was better than ryan seacrest. i was asleep by midnight. >> bill: happy new year. [ laughter ] >> a new list of words from 2012 that should be banned. the annual choices of words and phrases that we should never say again. it includes kick the can down the road. spoiler alert. bucket list, trending guru, yolo, which stands for you only live once and of course fiscal cliff. >> i'm okay -- >> bill: with all of those. i am too. >> and fox news
gun violence task force. cnn is reporting that the nra is prepping a hard-hitting ad campaign mounting opposition to possible new restrictions. nra president david keen says the group is mobilizing for a fight and will engage its members. now the white house's plan is to outorganize the nra. president obama is rallying groups of churches, medical organizations and retailers all to build support for new gun regulations. >>> the joe biden-led task force is set to deliver its recommendations this coming tuesday. now the most talked about plans include closing the gun show loophole banning assault weapons and outlawing high-capacity magazine clips. those would all require congressional approval though and politico is claiming this morning that leaves obama with little power over gun control. if congress does not say yes to new laws, the president is left with enacting policy changes at the atf and the justice department. but that might not be his only option. yesterday, biden hinted that if congress does refuse to pass legislation, president obama could take executive action. aurora shoote
thoughts on it yesterday. one of my favorite things you ever say is -- hurry turn on cnn maxine waters is mad. >> that's right. >> stephanie: maxine not happy. ian millhiezer said at the time when the federal government took a super majority interest the fair market value was slightly above zero. and rather than going under, they received 10s of billions of dollars. >> i have never seen an aig thank you ad. >> maybe it is not running in california. >> stephanie: here is some more awesome inauguration news. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: not only the sexy liberal show. [ inaudible ] will serve as the poetet. he is the first gay hispanic american individual to recite a poem at the inauguration. he will also be the younger to recite a poem ever -- >> a gay poet! what? [overlapping speakers] [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: that was a good joke. >> that was like you went to an accredited university. [ farting sounds ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. max in chicago. >> caller: erma gurd! >> stephanie: that's right. go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted
, but some woman on cnn -- she asked wolf blitzer -- >> it was robin mead from headline news. >> stephanie: i wasn't going to name names. now i'm going to run into her at the airport. anyway she is like was the president and mrs. president there yet? i was like did she just call her mrs. president. >> that's what robin mead does. that's her thing. shhhh. >> stephanie: i have said some dumb things when i have time to fill, but -- mrs. president is here. >> kevin costner will you send me a message in a bottle. >> stephanie: here is the bt yesterday. >> obama: we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country, and investing in the generation that will build it's future. >> stephanie: yeah, paul ryan had a very bad day yesterday. because it was a reputation of all of those ideas about the social safety nets and -- yeah. the president again. >> obama: the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid and social security. these things do not zap our initiatives. they strengthen us. [ cheers and applause ] >>
. absolutely. unfortunately, it is one that cnn often will pick up for you. you know, that's the goal. that's the idea. so if they're going to live in an insulated bubble where they don't listen to the polls and they're not aware of what the american people are interested in or want to accomplish in the next four years the first stage will be saying that the president lives in a bubble and bill o'reilly last night, that was a big chunk of his -- this guy's clearly isolated from the rest of the world and he's removed from people. he's not -- he's all -- they have a real hard time calling him intellectual. that's the vulcan aspect of this president is that they keep trying to float. doesn't jive with their -- but clearly, those people are inferior intellectually. that their viewership wants to see. the code doesn't match up with what they're selling so it is really funny watching them trying to wiggle them together. it is like doc brown -- >> i want my president to be smarter than i am. >> hal: absolutely. the idea that -- bush -- >> i saw idocracy. it doesn't end well. >> bush was in bed by
is dopeyer than ever. >> john fugelsang seems to think she will be joining cnn shortly. >> stephanie: yeah. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: in her first interview since departing fox news, she said she no longer just wants to preach to the choir. and the conservatives must go out of their comfort zone. she said i'm taking my own advice here as i free up more opportunity to reach a broader audience -- >> she wasn't know what the word imperative means. >> stephanie: we can't just preach to the choir -- your audience is bye-bye now. [ wah wah ] >> whoever will greta book now? >> stephanie: what. >> that's a real thin role low deck there. >> stephanie: sarah palin and babe buchanan. >> stephanie: yeah. did you see what babe buchanan became? >> stephanie: a realtor. [ phyllis diller laughter ] >> bless her heart. >> stephanie: bless her heart. she took an online real estate class -- i'm having a flashback to the year i hosted with her on nbc. by the way she was a top aide to mitt romney. >> oh well. >> stephanie: she said she quit her career as a tv personali
have said that your group is asking for too much, and maybe overreaching, for example, cnn's contributor ruben navaret criticized the tactics. saying the dreamers chalked up a victory but what some really want is the golden ticket, citizenship and many reject even ridicule proposals by republican in congress to give them legal status without citizenship and the voting privileges that come with it. what would be your response to mr. navarette. >> first of all, i believe that ruben is in the minority. susan b anthony did not ask too much when she asked for women the right to vote. they didn't ask too much to be judged on what they do and not the color of their skin. we're glad to don caps and gowns and fight for justice and be accompanied by the brass of history that has made this country great. we'll continue to push for the opportunity for every american, including americans that were born here to have that opportunity to reach their dreams and we're part of that history. >> jennifer: well, you are an awesome spokesperson for the cause, daniel, you're an inspiration. i real
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